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We have had the great pleasure of working with many wonderful people.

We value our drivers and appreciate the role they play in making work.

Here are some reviews from just  a few of them. 


"HitTheRoad is a terrific way to see more of Canada and the United States from the road...the whole process was quite simple. All I had to do was drive!"  | Kirsten Alana 
"I couldn't be happier with this great travel opportunity. I spent three days on the road, delivering a BWM convertible to its Canadian owner in Florida. What a ride! The trip was fantastic. From the very start, I felt completely reassured that everything was in order. David was always on top of things, making sure I had the right documents and that there were no major issues. After my first experience with, I am confident that many more trips will follow. It is simply the best way to travel on a budget. I can't wait for my next trip!"
Alex Z. Berlyand, co-founder
" sets realistic time frames for delivery that limit daily driving to a manageable amount, and absolutely allows for time to stop and tour an interesting city or point along the way. I've had the ability to stop for several hours in great cities like Washington, D.C, Knoxville, TN, Portland, OR, and Moab, UT even though none of these places were the day's end point." | Adam Wuisman
"In December of 2012 I was looking to kill a couple weeks before moving onto my next project. I wanted to do something truly awesome yet not spend a fortune. I stumbled across a tweet from @hittheroadca looking for someone to deliver a vehicle from Toronto to California on short notice. I replied and less than 48 hours later I was sitting in a Tim Hortons parking lot adjusting the mirrors on a strangers car that I would be spending the next 7 days driving to California. 
What unfolded was one of the most epic trips of my life. I ended up being interviewed by the media, set up a live travel blog, took amazing photos and met many interesting people. At all times during the trip I was in contact with David who looked after communications and all my paperwork which allowed me to seamlessly cross the border into the US and deliver the car to California with both myself and the vehicle owner in full confidence.
I would recommend David's HitTheRoad service to anyone interested in a unique way to travel North America!"
Alex Bushell |
"In Toronto for work, I'd arranged to give myself 6 weeks holiday to see how far into Canada I could get. Picking up the car could not have gone more smoothly. David had covered everything and the customer obviously felt comfortable with the detail I had been asked to go into - recording the condition of the car, promising to text regular updates to both her and the person at the other end, etc; HitTheRoad has a reputation and it was very pleasant to be part of it. The entire experience lives with me still: an at-the-time unique, awe-inspiring and indeed inspirational trip, all made possible by a quite simple idea made real, enjoyable and safe by HitTheRoad."

"In an age where everything is so planned and laid out & easy, it is really nice to have a bit of spontaneity to your everyday life. You may end up driving a car to a place you hadn't considered visiting, and you won't regret it."
Shawn Cee | Review

"An essential tool for anybody who loves road trips. It was easy, a simple sign-up process and I was ready to go. If it hadn't of been for I would have never had the opportunity to see drive across Canada and meet the people I met. I can't wait for my next adventure."
Graham Cottingham, Graphic Designer

"...if you like road trips, are open to is the way to go."
Marisa | Marisa Crockett 
"I have driven over 10,000km all around the United States and Canada in vehicles from It has been wonderful to have smooth rides in reliable vehicles, to visit my friends across the continent, and to be able to help out complete strangers all at the same time. When I see "Hit The Road" in my inbox, I get excited at the prospect of what David has lined up for me next!"
Patrick R. Crossman, founder, glishen
"When the floods in Alberta happened in the summer of 2012, my parents home was badly affected. I had to get home to help clean up, and last minute travel can be expensive. I remembered and decided to give them a call to see if anything was heading west. Turns out there was a van needing delivery to Calgary from Toronto to help replace a fleet of company vans that were ruined in the flood. hooked me up fast. They were friendly, helpful, and took care of everything. They even helped promote a fundraiser for the flood I had going! It worked out well, I got that van to the company in Calgary who needed it, I was able to get home to help my family, and I did it all affordably. I would definitely recommend this service!" | Aaron Dawson, DJ

"Driver's [sic] are also warned not to speed [and to always] obey traffic laws, etc. Basically Hit the Road wants you to deliver the vehicle in good condition, but they want to make sure your [sic] doing this safely and lawfully."
Elite Yelp Reviewer | Alouise D

"I drove from Las Vegas to Toronto in April 2014. HTR was accommodating to find me a fuel efficient little Honda to safely take it across the country. The paper work to sign up was minimal. HTR is professional, using due diligence to make sure I am the right fit for the trip. As a photographer, HTR offered me some amazing photo opportunities while covering the beautiful country side from the arid Utah canyons to the flat lands of Nebraska. I encountered no problems during the drive or any red tape afterwards upon returning the vehicle. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who has that sense of adventure instilled in them and would like to do a road trip across the USA or Canada."
TODD DUNCAN STUDIOS | Todd Duncan, Photographer

"Thanks to I was able to plan a quick, easy, and most importantly free road trip down to the United States." | Chad Dunsford

"Hit The Road. Voilà un bon plan que tout voyageur devrait connaître pour voyager loin et pas cher au Canada et/ou aux USA!"
En pleine ère | Blog voyage à impact positif

"David operates a grassroots-style of business with a high degree of creativity and motivation. Not only was he an excellent liaison between his client and myself, I really sense that David's hunger for success stems from a passionate love of his home country. By creating a reliable service that also brings wish fulfillment to those who work in it, he kills two birds with one stone—three, if one counts the inevitable ripple effect from traveling overland across one of the earth's greatest treasures.
With less than a week before our window of opportunity closed, David managed to find a car that needed to be moved from St. John's, Newfoundland, to northern Alberta—no small feat! David expertly negotiated a route, time frame, and pay schedule between the client and me, and he was quick to re-publish the social media that I and the three other travel bloggers posted.
This is a man you want to do business with, either for logistics (moving a car) or for dreaming (driving a car). He blends solid business practice with the emotive heart of travel. I have high hopes for HitTheRoad, and I anticipate working with him again in the future. 
sparkpunk.comZak Erving  

"I needed to get to Calgary from Toronto. provided me with the perfect solution. I met the owner, got all the easy instructions. I had a really comfortable car to drive, and plenty of time to get there, not to mention gas money! Hit The Road is a great way to travel; it gives you the opportunity to see an entire country, either Canada or the U.S.  I'm looking forward to another opportunity, maybe a leisurely holiday drive to the sunny south next time." 
" allowed me to spread the word about my project in locations across the country. I had a great time connecting with all the different cultures I encountered along the way!" | Paolo Granelli

"A couple of years ago I decided to 'celebrate' my brand new empty nest by driving a car across Canada (Vancouver to St. John's) with HitTheRoad. I'd wanted to do a road trip for years with them but alas, the nest. This same (amazing!) trip was literally life changing in that, on it, I made the decision to move out to where I now live in Newfoundland. Seeing Canada from coast-to-coast made me question my decision about continuing to live in Southern Ontario - this country has so much more to offer. I look forward to more trips in the future with's a great way to travel"
Orla Hegarty

"Would I do a Hit The Road trip again? Definitely. Overall, my trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles was awesome!"
Wanderlust and Lipstick | Carolyn B. Heller
"I have used's services twice, going both to and from Florida, and found the process virtually seamless. The documentation process entering the United States worked smoothly and on the return from Florida connecting with the owner of the car I drove back was simple and stress-free."

"Road trips are awesome. It's impossible to describe the subtle beauty of how the land shifts over great distance, or the way you can be utterly surprised as whole new landscape envelops you in the matter of a few short minutes. You really have to just do it to experience it. The land underneath you becomes your own private art gallery, history museum, and nature conservatory all in one. Road trips are also expensive; is a great opportunity to frugally travel across country and see a lot of great things on the way! The team has always been a pleasure to deal with, and the experiences I've had driving with Hit the Road have ranked among my favourite adventures."
Sam Kingston

"Road trip[s] are the best way to see the beautiful scenery of Canada! This is a free way to travel and give you the freedom and flexibility to stop along the way. You are in control of your trip. I had a great experience with Hit the road.
Pascal On The Road | Pascal Kirouac

"I have driven with HitTheRoad across Canada twice now and both times had a positive experience for free! I would recommend (and have) driving a vehicle with HitTheRoad. I regularly check the available trips page for myself.  Any potential problems can be avoided by simply using common sense."
Yelp Review | Benny M.
"HitTheRoad is AWESOME! I had the opportunity to drive a car from Collingwood, Ontario all the way to Victoria, BC.....for FREE! Doing the same trip with a rental car would've cost us 1800$ + gas. If my math is good, we saved alot of money! I would, without a doubt, do another trip with these guys."
Alex Normand TV | Alex Normand
"Thanks again HitTheRoad - If I had of flown from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale like I planned, I never would have met the amazing people I got to meet on this road trip, or find the amazing places I found! Looking forward to the next adventure..."
theGYSE | Kobie Notting

“It’s great! I really recommend it to anyone.”
Sun Peaks News | Aislinn O’Grady 
"I was given a vehicle to drive, plus gas money. I drove from Windsor, through the South Dakota Badlands, Yellowstone, and the Kootenays and dropped a car off on the Sunshine Coast. was cheaper than flying and actually a smaller carbon footprint. All aspects of the trip were straight forward and easy to follow; picking up the car, paperwork, crossing both borders, getting paid ... all seamless! I am looking forward to my next road trip!"
RedStorm Productions | Erik Paulsson, Filmmaker

"In one year I made 4 monumental trips using Tampa-Edmonton, Toronto-Vancouver (through the northern U.S.), Toronto-Aspen and London-Calgary. I travel to photograph and in most cases was using to reconnect with my own vehicle and then driving some more. Unlike my car (a Eurovan struck and killed by lightening on Florida's coast), it was a luxury to be driving cars that you knew weren't going to break down. HitTheRoad always been accommodating with my schedule requirements and needs. I appreciate the extra time allowed to get from point A to Z. I've had great experiences with the people I've driven for as well, especially Sydney from Vancouver and the lovely folks whose car I brought to Edmonton."
Neil Rough | Photographer 

"All in all, we recommend HitTheRoad for budget travel. David is experienced and supportive. He’s easy to work with and his whole system just makes it win-win for everyone."
Take A Bow Travel Blog | Ivan and Deena

"Let's go again, thanks a lot for everything. AMAZING TRIP!!"
Travel and RollAnne-Laure & Geoffrey
"I'm so grateful for the opportunity from to see my own country in-depth, and in an affordable way." | Candice Walsh
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