UPDATED: June 2, 2020





Los Angeles California to Toronto ON NOW
Montreal to Vancouver  BC NOW

Operations are ongoing during travel restrictions.  This is on an extremely limited basis.

All precautions are being taking. This follows our total commitment to health and safely. All drivers are required to commit to practices and procedure in the interest of public health. This includes the use of face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and physical distancing. 

There is a SMALL number of vehicle relocations available now. This includes cross Canada and USA to/from Canada. Please contact the office for more information.

We anticipate a very busy schedule, following the easing of travel restrictions. If you will be ready for travel at that time - whenever that is - please contact the office. 

Cross Canada Vehicle Relocations Please Contact Office
Some Past Vehicle Relocations:
Palm Springs California to Toronto Ontario
Montreal Quebec to Vancouver BC
Victoria BC to Toronto Ontario
Toronto Ontario to Palm Springs California
Calgary Alberta to Palm Springs Arizona
Toronto Ontario to Scottsdale Arizona
Toronto Ontario to Palm Springs California

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