Common routes sends cars all over North America. However, there are certainly some routes that are more common than others. If you would like to drive with, please take note of what kinds of trip we can offer you.

Across Canada delivers vehicles East and West across Canada. These are mostly from the bigger cities in the East (Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto) to or from those in the West (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver or Victoria). Less frequently, there are trips to be found to or from smaller towns. These trips are common in the spring, summer and fall.
Toronto Vancouver Halifax Calgary Edmonton Ottawa Montreal Miami Phoenix San Francisco Los Angeles Common routes map
Interactive map: Roll over & click on cities!

Canada to and from the US transports cars to and from the United States. The vast majority of these trips are: 1) Canada to the USA in the fall and early winter and 2) USA to Canada in the spring – especially Late March, April and early May. Common trips include Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa to and from Miami, Phoenix and Southern California. Less frequently we also offer Calgary and Vancouver road trips to and from Phoenix Arizona and Southern California.

Some other points to note does not offer deliveries with points of origin AND destination in the United States. Any US trip will originate or terminate in Canada. (Toronto to Los Angeles YES. New York to Los Angeles NO.)

We are a US Customs Recognized Car Transporter. This permits us to pre-process all cars crossing into the US prior to arriving at US Customs. We prepare the paperwork. Drivers need only to hand it over at the border. This makes border crossing much more streamlined.

Many of our trips are booked weeks in advance by the client. However, we also get lots of last minute deliveries. The best way to access these is to keep checking the Available Cars Page.