How to apply

After you have read the FAQ section, please provide the following information:

Application Requirements

In order to apply to drive, we require copies of the following DOCUMENTS:

  • Digital copy ( high resolution scan or photo ) of your drivers license, both sides.
  • Drivers Abstract / Driving Record. [ info ]
  • Digital copy of Passport (foreign applicants and cross border deliveries).

Please provide us with the following INFORMATION:

  • Your full contact information
  • At least one reference ( see reference requirements )
  • Emergency Contact 
  • Where are you located / able to pick up a car?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • When can you go / What is your general availability?
  • For how long have you been driving?
  • Does an active Available Car interest you?

PLEASE, BEFORE YOU PHONE the office, read the FAQs

Please read the FAQs for more details about these requirements. If you have any questions about the Application process, many of your answers can be found in the FAQ Section.


You may EMAIL this information to us.

You may mail hard copies to our office.

You may also schedule an appointment to hand them to us in person. Note that our office is located in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Please understand that we get a lot of interest. Really, a lot. We simply do not have the time to field calls from the rather large number of people interested in our service. This is why we request that you, please, read the FAQs. This is also why email is the best method of contact. We will follow up with you. We promise.

Keep in touch!

After you have applied and been accepted, it is YOUR responsibility to check the Available Cars Page. Please check regularly. Alert us to the trip that interests you. We will follow up.
To stay in touch, please join our Drivers Email List. This list will only be used for information. Your email address will not be made public. You may unsubscribe when ever you want. But we hope that you don't. We will not share your information. We will not spam. We will only email you once in a while, and specifically about opportunities and updates. We promise. We're cool like that.

Please be aware that we use this information exclusively for our stated purpose - the delivery of vehicles. We do not share this information with third parties. If you have any question about how we use this information, please see our Confidentiality Statement

" hooked me up fast. They were friendly, helpful, and took care of everything."
-  Aaron Driver Review